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Pearl Cabinet Knob, Satin Nickel

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The Pearl Knob has a clean, modern design, with a very natural insert. The insert material is farmed, fresh water, mother of pearl. This natural filling makes every piece unique.
Wisdom Stone uses extraordinary methods to go beyond the typical hardware options on the market, today. They are always looking for avenues to invent or collaborate, while keeping afoot of all aspects of the home decor industry. They offer a wide variety of colors and accents, from the classic designs to modern details, guaranteed to match your tastes.
Manufacturer Wisdom Stone
MPN 4226SN
Color/Finish Satin Nickel
Type Knob
Diameter 1-3/8"
Projection 15/16"
Insert Pearl
Material Zinc Alloy
Mounting Hardware 8/32 thread x 1" and 8/32 thread x 1-1/2" long screws included