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How to create the best laundry room

HOW TO CREATE THE BEST LAUNDRY ROOM ~ Top 10 Ways to Add Design and Function to a Laundry Space


Laundry rooms have come a long way from the tiny basement dwellers to features of the home. These practical rooms are a busy part of the home and deserve the design love and care the rest of the house gets.

So, how do you create a beautiful, functional laundry space for your family?

Well, we have some great design and function tips that will get your laundry room in tip top shape. These tips will keep your space organized and your laundry area inviting.

Keeping in mind different styles, varying sizes of budgets, and the actual laundry room size itself, we have come up with our guide to laundry room design. Enjoy!

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What Type Of Door Stop Do I Need

What Type of Door Stops Should I Use?

Door stops are one of the most functional and necessary items in home hardware. Door stops are intended to keep your door knobs and door levers from impacting the wall behind the door, and inflicting damage on the drywall.

No matter what the situation is with each door in your home, there is a door stop available that will keep your doors from damaging the walls or other objects.

Though door stops provide a specific function, they are available in a variety of finishes, so that you can coordinate them with your door hardware and door hinges.

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The best kitchen cabinet pulls.

What are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Pulls?

What are the best kitchen cabinet pulls? We get this open-ended question a lot! And as we are the pros and we have been selling cabinet hardware for a long time, we thought we should gather some information and make OUR list of the best kitchen cabinet hardware.

We considered such things as our sales, customer feedback, and reviews of kitchen cabinet pulls and broke them down by style. This article features some of the most popular cabinet handles in various styles, sizes, and finishes from some of the most respected manufacturers. From cup pulls to Euro bar pulls and from Craftsman style handles to glass cabinet pulls. This list showcases the best of the best cabinet pulls. It is a terrific resource to help you on your quest for the perfect kitchen cabinet hardware.
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Do You Put a Handle On a Fake Drawer In Your Kitchen?

Do You Put a Handle On a Fake Drawer In Your Kitchen?

Should you put a handle on the fake drawer in front of the sink? Some say yes, and some say no. We think that there are pros to having a pull on false drawers, and there are cons too. In this article, we will look at the three reasons we think you should consider putting a pull on those faux drawers. And then, just when we have you convinced, we will give you three good reasons why you should not have a handle on a fake drawer front.

No, we aren't trying to confuse you. We just want to give you our take on the often-debated question - do you put pulls on fake drawers?

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