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February 13, 2020 3 min read

There is something familiar and peaceful about the color blue. We find it in nature in the sea, the sky, and flowers. There are so many shades of blue, from whimsical periwinkle, to trendy turquoise or a luscious midnight blue. Interior designing trends has seen a resurgence of all shades of blue and it is ending up in some unexpected places - namely, the kitchen!

Have you ever wondered why one of the most beloved color isn’t often used in kitchens? Maybe that old advertising myth is to blame....you know the one - don’t put food near the color blue because it makes it look unappealing. Is that even true? Who knows! But one thing is for certain - blue kitchens are surging in popularity and they are simply gorgeous. Take that, old ad execs!

Yup, we are true to blue, and we think blue kitchens are stunning! That is why we have put together a top list of  creative ways to add blue into your kitchen.

Different Blues for Kitchen Design

1. Out of the Clear Blue Sky
A pale blue ceiling is an excellent way to bring the outside in! The color will make your room feel airy and bright and compliments white or light colored cabinets. A light blue ceiling will really make a coffered ceiling pop!

Blue shiplap ceiling with white beams in eclectic kitchen



2. Deeper than Deep Blue
A dark navy color used strategically on wainscoting or trim can really spark a romantic feel to a kitchen. Accent your countertops with some blue kitchenware and make your kitchen space a sumptuous space to cook and entertain.

Navy blue kitchen storage hutch with decorative plates on the wall

3. Violets are Blue
Roses are red and violets are blue, wallpapered walls are perfect for a redo.
Did you know that wallpaper is making a comeback? Well it is, and a dramatic redo at that!
We have found that the latest trend is big, bright, bold wallpaper designs. Used sparingly in a kitchen, violet wallpaper, for example can really add some flare.

Violet and blue wallpaper in white kitchen with lime green desk


4. Blue Lagoon
For a remarkable compliment to a grey or white kitchen, how about painting your island blue?  The contrast of a center island (or two!) in a lush blue is spectacular. There are so many shades to choose from to make this island statement; navy or turquoise or teal - all of them are fabulous options to turn your kitchen into a centerpiece.

Large blue kitchen island with white cabinetswood floors and black and blue accents


5. Black and Blue
The once no-no design rule of mixing black and blue is a thing of the past. Blue pairs marvelously with black, especially in kitchens. Try mixing a light or turquoise blue with dark appliances. If you have a high ceilings you can even do a black ceiling and blue cabinets. The black and blue combo is a remarkable design statement.

Farmhouse blue kitchen cabinets with copper pulls black countertop and a blue mosaic floor

6. Wide Blue Yonder
A bright shiny blue backslash can give the illusion of space. Whether you use a solid blue or combination of blue hues, a blue backsplash in a kitchen can add depth to the cabinets and make tiny spaces feel bigger.

Glossy blue backsplash paired with a industrial stovetop and traditional white cabinets and contemporary cabinet hardware

7. Something Old, Something New, Something True Blue
Get inspired by the old world and add some Mediterranean or Moroccan flare and incorporate blue tile into your kitchen. Use it as a countertop, backsplash, island topper, floor or accents. These gorgeous Mediterranean style blue kitchens never go out of style. Make the old new again with the rich blues offered in these old world tiles.
Steel blue cabinets with blue traditional wallpaper and simplistic cabinet hardware


8. A Bolt From The Blue
For a really bold look for your kitchen try blue floors. Decorative blue tiles or checkerboard blue can make for an inspirational design that is cheerful and elegant.

Spanish Blue Floor Tile for Blue Kitchen Design

9. Beyond the Blue
If you want to add an ambience to your kitchen but don’t have the time and money for an expensive redo - consider changing the lighting. Some subtle blue under the cabinet lighting is easy to install and can really add a calming mood to your kitchen.

Blue floor lighting in modern industrial kitchen


10. Blue Bling
Do you want a super-easy, and inexpensive DIY project to add a touch of blue to your kitchen? Try switching out your cabinet knobs and pulls for something more decorative or funky. A great trend in kitchen cabinet hardware is glass cabinet hardware, including blue glass and crystal cabinet knobs. Add a touch of bling, glitz and glam with some glass or crystal blue cabinet hardware.



Square cabinet knobs with aqua blue crystals in white cabinet doors

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