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January 01, 2020 4 min read

7 Steps To A Fabulous Farmhouse Kitchen


Farmhouse decor in kitchens is hotter than ever, and we just love it!

The farmhouse kitchen's rise in popularity may be due, in part, to the HGTV show Fixer Upper, where Joanna Gaines has turned drab kitchens into stunning country classics. Have you seen some of her farmhouse transformations? They are stunning.

What we have learned along the way is that these are not your MawMaw’s country kitchens...not even close! Today's farmhouse kitchen decor is stylish and elegant and super chic. What we like best about these new and improved country-style kitchens is, with just a little bit of design magic, these functional rooms are turned into the welcoming, loving, heart of the home.

So, pull up a rocking chair, pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea and see how you can design the classic down-to-earth farmhouse kitchen style in your own home.



Your kitchen cabinets are going to be the feature of your farmhouse kitchen, so let them have a story. There are so many great ways to make your cabinets stand out, but paint is an easy(ish) DIY and much cheaper than replacing all your cabinetry. So, throw on the overalls and try painting your kitchen cabinets. We recommend that you stick to a warm color. Think green or blue and accent the cabinets and drawers with some black hardware. Black cup pulls (sometimes call bin pulls) shout farmhouse fabulous-ness!






You might not have your own butler, but you can certainly have a butler's pantry. An open butler's pantry or "scullery" will certainly turn your drab to farm-fab! These open shelved units come in all sorts of styles and sizes and are a must-have in your farm-inspired kitchen. One thing we love about the scullery (besides saying the word scullery) is that these handy units are so versatile. They can be installed above a sink, used in lieu of an upper cabinet, or as a stand-alone shelf. No matter how big or small you decide your scullery should be, they are super-handy, and a great focal point for your farmhouse kitchen.







    An immediate way to achieve that farmhouse look is to change out the kitchen sink. These apron front basin sinks are so synonymous with farmhouses, they are often referred to as farmhouse sinks. So, yeah, they are a must in a country kitchen. These oversized sinks are gorgeous, but they are also incredibly efficient. They are big enough for your Thanksgiving roasting pan and Christmas baking sheets, and deep enough that you can give Rover a bath without spills or splashing. Plus, a farmhouse sink is a surefire way to add some rural flair to your kitchen and send the message that your kitchen full-on country!






The barn door is the quintessential kitchen farmhouse feature. We don't know who decided to bring the barn door into home interiors, but we tip our cowboy hat to you! Yes, adding a barn door to your kitchen is mind-blowingly farm-fabulous! We can not get enough of this design trend. Barn doors are great for entries, room dividers or even pantries and they are available in so many different finishes and styles. It really doesn't matter where you use them in your kitchen, or if they slide or fold. Barn doors are a classic farmhouse feature.






Another fantastic farm feature for your kitchen and yet another word we love to say - shiplap! Go ahead, say it. You know you want to. Shiplap is a wood board used in barns or sheds and is fantastically rustic. Exposed wood, stained or painted, shiplap is simply perfect for farmhouse kitchens. Although it is not likely that you are going to peel back your kitchen wallpaper to find a treasure trove of unclaimed shiplap wood waiting to be exposed, do not be discouraged! Shiplap chic can be easily achieved by paneling your walls, ceiling or floor with the broad wood panels. Shiplap, shiplap, shiplap!






The heart of the farmhouse kitchen is the farmhouse table. This is the gathering place where we all come together, where our bellies are filled and our memories are made. Whether it is a vintage piece from your great Aunt Ida, a flea market find, a brand new rustic style table, or your very own DIY project, the farmhouse table is the centerpiece to your kitchen. So, gather round for some chuck, we are happy you're here!






It is true, we all need the company of others and what better place to gather than the farmhouse kitchen island? The kitchen island is the practical part of your kitchen used for prepping food, entertaining guests, eating homecooked meals and solving world peace. So why not make it a feature of your farmhouse decor as well?  Steering clear of matchy-match cabinets and incorporating some non-traditional furniture makes for farmhouse fabulousness. Try a stand-alone country table, an old fashioned butcher block, an antique buffet, a salvaged wood table or a rustic DIY pipe table. Repurpose, reuse, rethink, and have some fun with your farmhouse kitchen island, because anything goes! 





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