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February 09, 2021 2 min read

One of the questions that we are asked most often is: "What is the difference between Gold Champagne and Brushed Brass?"

When shopping online there are many advantages, but one disadvantage is that you can not easily compare one finish to another. With this brief article, we hope to shed some light (literally and figuratively) on the differences between the Cosmas Brushed Brass finish and the Cosmas Gold Champagne finish.


Color Tone

We often hear Brushed Brass described as yellow, yellow-ish, or yellow-y. To some extent this is accurate, at least when compared to Gold Champagne. However, "yellow" may not be as accurate as "brass". In fact, Brushed Brass is exactly that - it is the same color tone as the Polished Brass that you might be familiar with from the 1980s, but the finish is brushed, rather than polished.


Gold Champagne compared to Brushed Brass

Gold Champagne, on the other hand, has a more complex color tone. Gold Champagne has elements of carmel, gold, and bronze. These different tones give Gold Champagne a great deal of flexibility when coordinating with other finishes, such as faucets, light fixtures, and other kitchen or bathroom elements.



Brushed Brass and Gold Champagne also differ from one another in their reflective qualities. While Brushed Brass does not reflect light like it's cousin, Polished Brass, it does have some reflective qualities. This makes the finish appear brighter, especially under certain lighting.

Cosmas Brushed Brass and Gold Champagne

Gold Champagne, by contrast, absorbs more light than it reflects. Certainly not to be mistaken for a matte or flat finish, but more towards that end of the reflectivity spectrum. This makes the finish appear richer, deeper, and more complex.



Brushed Brass is bright and energizing, which should bring happiness and cheerfulness to your home.

Gold Champagne demands attention without being overpowering, and will bring as sense of earth and warmth to your home. 

Consider Brushed Brass to be flamboyant and vibrant to the restraint and sophistication of Gold Champagne.

The finish that will work best in your kitchen or bathroom will be the one that best fits which feeling you would like to project.


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