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Heavy Duty Matte Black Hinge Pin Door Stop with Black Guards

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Heavy-duty matte black hinge door stop with black rubber stop and black plastic cap. Forged from solid metal. Premium matte black finish. This door hinge stopper will blend well with other matte black and flat black finishes. Designed to stop doors of all types without causing damage to your walls or doors. Easy to install - simply remove the hinge pin from one of your door hinges, slide the pin through the door stop and then insert back into the hinge.

  • Prevents Wall And Door Damage
  • Use When Wall Or Floor Mounted Door Stops Are Impracticable
  • Bumpers Protect Door Face And Trim
  • Fits Most Interior Residential Door Hinges With Removable Hinge Pins
  • Easily Adjustable By Turning Threaded Adjustment Screw
  • Easy Installation
  • Installs In Minutes With Small Hammer And Punch
  • Fabricated With Die Cast Zinc
  • Premium Matte Black Finish