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May 16, 2022 6 min read 1 Comment

To pull or not to pull...that might not be the question, but it is certainly a question we get a lot!

Even though I have answered this question a zillion times over the years, I thought I would see what the internet had to say about this debate.


So, I queried -"do you put a handle on a false drawer" in a search engine. The first result (which read like the official answer) stated that yes, you always put a pull on a false drawer, and then the next answer, right below was no, never put a pull on the fake drawer in front of your sink. Hmmm...that's rather confusing...

And so I kept searching and scrolling and found that the search results were pretty much either all definitive yes's or absolute no's.


There seemed to be two distinct schools of thought about the issue of whether a false drawer should have a cabinet handle or not. Who knew this little design question could be so so polarizing?

So instead of relying on the internet, I figure I should just revert to my expertise and answer the question the way we have been answering it for years.

Here it goes...

Should the false drawer that is typically found in front of your kitchen sink have a cabinet handle or be left blank?

Well, we are so glad you asked!

From our experience there are things to consider about this issue, so let me give you the three reasons why we think the false drawer should have a pull and then three reasons why we think that the drawer should not have handle...



Here are some of the reasons why you should put a drawer on a fake cabinet drawer.


If you have a standard sink in your kitchen or bathroom, then it is likely you have a faux, non-functioning cabinet drawer right in front of it.

Typically, with most designs, all of your other doors and drawers will have either a cabinet knob or cabinet pull, and leaving the false drawer empty may look incomplete. So, it seems right to add a pull to the fake drawer too and give the cabinets a balanced look. To some, a blank space on a cabinet drawer may look like someone forgot to finish the cabinet hardware installation project.

This kitchen has drawers with simple cup pulls. By placing cup pulls on the faux drawer fronts, rounds out the overall look of the kitchen.


False kitchen drawers with cup pulls on the face front


Can you put a cup pull on a fake drawer? can kitchen drawers have cup pulls?

2. The pull can be a hanger!

Placing a pull on a false cabinet drawer gives you an extra hand towel rack! Just as the stove and dishwasher handle play double duty as towel bars, so can that cabinet pull on a false drawer. Hand towels and dish cloths are easily accommodated by standard size cabinet handles, and are conveniently located right there in front of the sink!

 This kitchen utilizes a cabinet pull as a dish cloth holder and from the looks of it - it is well used!

Fake kitchen drawer with a cabinet handle and a hand towel


buy cabinet hardware for you kitchen drawers and doors   


For extra long false drawers, try using an extra long cabinet pull that can double as a hand towel.


Cabinet handle with drawer pulls on the false drawers


Cosmas 305-320SN Satin Nickel Euro Style Bar PullAppliance pull extra long Cosmas 305-320SN Satin Nickel Euro Style Bar Pull For kitchen drawers

3. Peace of Mind

We have indeed heard from some of our customers that they have to have a cabinet knob or pull on a faux drawer because having a blank space on a drawer - fake or not - would make them crazy. Hey, that is as good as a reason as any!

If you seek and need a balance to your kitchen - we get it and we understand that the little things can make you happy.  In the end, it's your kitchen and you have to live in it everyday, so if having a handle on a a fake drawer makes your life happier, you go for it!

This kitchen, which boasts an "all-knob" look kept the theme going by putting two knobs on the fake drawer front under the sink. The is a balanced and aesthetically pleasing look!

False drawers in a kitchen with cabinet knobs

Cosmas weathered nickel round cabinet knob for kitchen doors. buy weathered nickel cabinet knob round


Okay, now for the other perspective.

Here are some of the reasons why you should NOT put a drawer on a fake cabinet drawer.

1. You Don't have a choice!

Have you considered that depending on your cabinet style and size and the style of your kitchen sink - that you may not be able to have a pull on your false drawer? It's true!

We have heard from customers who have fully intended on installing a drawer on the false drawer, but just couldn't get the clearance behind the drawer and in front of the sink to take a screw.  So, the choice of having a handle on that false drawer was made for them.

Even if you are able to get a handle mounted, the installation could be a real pain! So, that is just something to think about when you are counting up how many pulls you will need for your cabinet drawers.

This pretty renovated kitchen owns its modern country gorgeousness! The space behind the false drawer and in front of the sink wouldn't easily accept a pull - and that's okay because we think the kitchen is beautiful!

Kitchen with a fake drawer and no pull in front of the sink.


Traditional black cabinet pull for drawers and doors. False drawer in front of sink do you put a pull or knob on there?

2. Forgo Frustration

It is actually not uncommon for people to forget that the "drawer" in front of the sink is not a drawer at all! If the drawer has a handle or knob, it can look functional, and some people may try to use it.

In homes with family members who may not use the kitchen very often, or families with elderly parents or even small children, a pull on a drawer can be confusing and frustrating.

We heard from one customer that told us that she couldn't have a pull on a fake drawer because her frustrated husband yanked the cabinet drawer front right off the cabinet!

If you want to avoid this frustration, and cabinet drawer repairs - then leaving a blank face front on your false drawers is perfectly acceptable.

This pretty kitchen features base cabinets with bar pulls and opted for a blank space on the false drawer under the sink.

kitchen with no handle on the false drawer in front of the kitchen sink


Diversa Brushed Satin Nickel Euro Style 7-1/2" (192mm) Cabinet Bar PullSimple bar pulls for kitchen cabinets

3. Getting Hung up

When answering questions about cabinet pulls, we are often asked if pulls that have an overhang, such as a bar pull, will catch on clothing. Our answer is generally no - they will not.

We also tell our customers that cabinet hardware only protrudes about an inch or less, and it is not typically not that close to drawers. However, the exception to that rule may be that drawer under the kitchen sink.

All you bakers and chefs out there know that you can spend a lot of time standing at the sink. And if you are anything like us, you will tend to lean on the front of the counter while you peel your potatoes or wash your fruits and veggies.

In that case, a cabinet pull or knob on a false drawer could potentially get in the way and even snag on an apron or pocket. If you are one of those kitchen sink leaners, then you may want to leave the false drawer in front of the sink free of cabinet hardware.

This lovely kitchen with green cabinets has two faux cabinet drawers under the sink. Both fake drawers do not have cabinet pulls or drawers and are left blank.

Do you put a pull on a false drawer?


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 Wrap Up

Well, as you can see, despite what an internet search may tell you, there are reasons for having a cabinet pull on the false drawer and there are reasons why you might not want a pull there.

Our take is that when it comes to deciding, take a look at the pros and cons and see what would work best for you and your family. 


Let us know what you think? Leave a comment and tell us if you like a blank space on a fake drawer, or you prefer the drawer to have some cabinet hardware.

We'd love to hear from you and see your kitchen designs!



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April 14, 2023

Thank you for laying that out. I was just trying to figure this out yesterday and decided not to put pulls on fake drawers. Now I can see that decision was perfectly reasonable.

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