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November 04, 2022 8 min read

Laundry rooms sure have come a long way! Remember those dingy little rooms in the corner of the cellar or tucked away in a windowless space of the house? Concrete floors, exposed wood shelving (and not in the cool contemporary kind), poor ventilation, and that damp smell?

I am not sure if we were collectively ashamed of our dirty laundry or what the issue was, but alas, the laundry room has been elevated in status. It is like we all woke up and realized that these laundry areas are essential and functional, not to mention that some of us (for me it was my mom) spend a lot of time in these little rooms!

So, yeah, the laundry room has hit the big time and become an important design feature of many modern homes. Heck, they even have some chic new names for the laundry area now, like; "the all-purpose room," "the utility portal" (I kid you not!), "mudroom dropzone," or my favorite, "the multi-functional utility and organizational space".

For me, it is just the plain ol' laundry room, but whatever you call it, the laundry area is now often situated adjacent to high-traffic entry areas like garages, kitchens, back doors, or side doors. For some homes, the laundry area is the most common entrance and exit. So, as these laundry rooms have become a fundamental part of the home esthetics and are more often than not a room that is seen, people are decorating these rooms differently.

So, we got to wondering, what makes a good laundry room? What are the laundry room must-haves? What is a great way to create a laundry room that is functional and something to show off?

With the help of some of our customers, we have put together this laundry list (get it?) of some of the best laundry room ideas, laundry room designs, and storage tips for the laundry room that will let that functional space shine. 


If you are asking how to create a fabulous laundry room? Here are our top 10 ways to create an amazing and functional laundry space.



1. Add Wallpaper

Yes, it is wall or nothing! Okay, we love a good pun almost as much as we love wallpaper in a laundry space. Wallpaper gives a laundry room a sense of design and hominess - so it is a great and somewhat economical way to add some design to your laundry room. Feel free to get creative and funky when choosing laundry room wallpaper. Bold, bright and unique wallpaper can really turn the laundry blahs to bliss!

This laundry room features a bold and funny fish wall paper. We think that the bold choice of color and offbeat is so playful and a great conversation starter.

Wallpaper in a laundry area

The adorable laundry room pictured below, also features a fun animal theme wallpaper. The open shelving, lots of storage spaces and that adorable whimsical wallpaper creates a cheerful, charming little space!

How to create a great laundry room style


2. Add natural light to the space

Let there be light! For most of us, we don't have the house plan or the budget to be creating windows or tearing down walls. But for many laundry rooms, there are other ways to get natural light into your laundry room. This rippled glass door is a great alternative to a solid door. It allows light to come in and gives a more open feel to the laundry space.

Laundry room with a light door to make a laundry room lighter

When adding more light to a laundry room, you may try changing out the interior door. This laundry room below is so fabulous, and by adding a fun, creative, shabby chic antique inspired half glass door,  it adds natural light to the laundry area.



Use a half door to allow more light into a dark laundry room



3. Add a sliding barn door

As they say, when a window closes, a door will slide open...or something like that. Using a sliding or barn door for your laundry room is not just a cool design feature; it can save on space and be super handy when you have an armful of clothes!

We love the use of this industrial laundry room that features a wooden barn door, with a cool black barn door handle and subway tile flooring. This marrying elements such as shiplap, wood, metal, and concrete makes for a unique and stunningly beautiful laundry room.

Industrial laundry room with sliding barn door


Barn Door Hardware for sliding interior barn doorsBuy the barn door handleset

4. Get Creative with Space

We get it, we know it, we've lived it - space for laundry rooms may be limited. We know that for some of you, you may be buying older homes, when laundry rooms were cellar dwellers, or were stuck outside in the carport! If your space is limited, don't fret, just use what you can to your advantage! Converting a closet to house a stacking washer and dryer is a great trick.

This laundry space (pictured below) takes over a closet and provides not only a functional laundry nook, but also some really clever storage!


Closet converted into a laundry room


 5. Create Storage - and lots of it!

Speaking of storage. For the ultimate laundry room, capitalize on storage as much as you can! Laundry spaces and drop zones are an excellent places to take on the over flow from the garage and closets. Whether you have a massive laundry room, a tiny closet or something in between, consider expanding your storage. We tackled some creative and easy storage ideas for kitchens a while back, and there are some brilliant folks on Pinterest who have come up with some fabulous storage ideas.

This laundry drop zone is massive, so storage is easy - right? But we wanted to point out that although this beautiful laundry space has tons of cabinets, it  utilizes every part of the room for storage. Check out the tiny cabinets above the stacking washer and dryer! That looks like a perfect cabient for seasonal serving trays. Even the bench seat has storage and which is super handy!


 Using clever ideas for storage areas

 Storage doesn't have to just be cabinets and shelves. This creative laundry room design features bottles, glass jars, wire baskets and wicker bowls to add more space for storage.

Cosmas 5305 Cabinet Knob in a laundry room. Yellow laundry cabinets with black round knobsBuy now black round cabinet knob 


Laundry storage ideas


6. Add a rod for hanging

We hang clothes in our closet, we hang jackets on hooks, so why not add a rod to a laundry room? This very simple, very inexpensive addition to a laundry space will make a huge difference for space and organization. 

This first laundry room is more of a laundry loft. The laundry area features some shelves and baskets for organization, but what we really love is the hanging storage! The closet rod mounted below the shelf allows for a nice (and not cluttered) drying rack and makes putting laundry away a little easier.


Laundry room with racks and shelves


This smaller laundry room also features a closet rod. Without any upper cabinets, the rod is a functional way to dry and organize clothes. If you can't find a closet rod with the right look, try using a shower rod instead.


Laundry room closet with large rod for hanging


7. Add Interesting Design Elements like Art and Fixtures.

Having a wood sign that reads "Bless This Mess" is not exactly interior decorating.

Treating your laundry space like a "regular" part of the home is a great way to add cohesion to your overall home design.

Yes, the laundry area is a utilitarian space, but it is also a room in your home - so giving it some flare and design love is a good thing! And if your laundry areas is located off the garage or kitchen, it is likely a room that people often see. So, treat the walls of your laundry room the way you would any other walls in any other room.

Try using art - yes, actual framed pictures or stunning photography. You may be surprised how much it turns a workroom into a design room!

Adding interesting light designs is a great choice too. You don't have to have the standard no-one-ever-looks-good-in-fluroescent-lighting as your main lights. You can use lamps for mood lighting, chandeliers, pot lights, or canned lights. There are so many easy and inexpensive ways to add design flair to the laundry room.

This  fabulous laundry space is full of flare! It features matte black light fixtures, dramatic walls and flooring and some remarkable equine pics. The over the top design might not be for everyone, but it is likely a laundry space that you won't easily forget. 

Dramatic black laundry room

When it comes to laundry design, you don't have to take yourself too seriously. This fun sun bathing art adds some humor and quirkiness to the laundry area. We think that the colors and this playful pic is just perfect in this space.

Laudry room with funny art

8. Add some open shelves

We are going to state the obvious here, but open shelving are function and a beautiful design accent. Used in a laundry area, they are great for adding a decorative flare to the space, but also for easy to reach essentials like towels and detergents.

This laundry room is taking full advantage of storage space by adding a cheeky little corner shelf between the stacking washer and dryer and the cabinets. Between the cute lights, the wallpaper, the drying rod, and the clever use of storage, it is as if someone is taking our advice about the ultimate laundry room!


Open corner shelf in laundry room

Even a couple of small open shelves can spruce up the laundry area. This cute space allows for some extra storage and a great eye grabbing design.

 Laundry room with open shelves


Diversa Gold Champagne Round Solid Cabinet Knob

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9. Add counter space

Having a designated place to fold your laundry or set your stuff down is almost essential for laundry rooms. We think that is why most laundromats have large tables, people need them. So, adding some counter or folding work stations is a great way to add some value and function to your laundry room.

This ingenious design integrated a shelf and counter cabinet around the washer and dryer. It is so clever to have an accessible table top right above the washer and dryer! Someone is using their design head!


Washer and Dryer Cabinet with Table top shelf


With space in mind, this laundry room below has used a rolling island that easily stores up against the wall but can be pulled out for folding, gift wrapping, unpacking groceries or any other table top project.


Laundry room with rolling island for extra storage and utility

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10. Add Hooks

Get hooked with hooks! We just love love love a coat and hat hook in a laundry room. These very inexpensive, very easy to install, little things are super fantastic!  Yeah, it seems impossible that something so small and simple can bring us so much joy - but they do!

Laundry room hooks are great for backpacks, purses, laundry bags, sport equipment, jackets, hats, towels, toys, and on and on and on!

This laundry are has created a drop zone for extra storage, but keeps it organized with wall hooks for purses, bags, and jackets.

Laundry room with a drop zone and wall hooks for organization

Cosmas 36267SN Satin Nickel Heavy Duty Coat & Hat HookBuy now black round cabinet knob

Featuring a fun and cheerful yellow, this laundry room combines design elements and has a row of hat and coat hooks for organization. Using double robe hooks typically found in the bathroom gives you extra-extra hanging options.

Yellow laundry room with wall hooks




Well, there you have it, our top ten ways to create a the best laundry room. From hooks to art to baskets to wallpaper, adding little touches here and there can really spruce up a laundry area.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions of how to create an amazing laundry room. Please feel free to drop a comment and let us know how you updated your laundry space.

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