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February 02, 2022 2 min read

A QUICK GUIDE on how to measure cabinet pulls for your kitchen

The world of cabinet hardware seems like it should be kinda easy. After all, these handles are just a tiny part of a kitchen renovation. How complicated can selecting the right size pull for your kitchen cabinets can be?

Well, it turns out...cabinet pulls are kinda complicated! And it all starts with how we talk about the sizes of cabinet pulls.

So...let's break down how we measure cabinet pulls so you can speak like the pros!



There are TWO distinct ways in which we cabinet hardware is measured, and it usually depends who you are talking to.


    • The HOLE spacing
        • The OVERALL length


        If you deal with cabinet hardware sellers like us, we generally use hole spacing


        While designers and builders often use the overall length of the pull


        Generally, you'll find that designer or builders use the overall length because they often envision the end product. They know that the cabinet pull design will determine the size of the pull overall. While us cabinet industry geeks deal more in the manufacturing end.


          What is HOLE SPACING? 

          The hole spacing of a cabinet pull is sometimes called the "span" between the holes or the "center to center" or the CTC.

          Basically, it means the distance between the center of the first hole of the pull to the center of the second hole on your pull.

          How to measure the hole spacing of a cabinet pull.


          What is the OVERALL LENGTH?

          The overall length of a cabinet pull is just that. The overall length. So it is the size of the pull from one end to the other end.

           How to measure the overall length of a cabinet pull.


          This diagram shows a collection of Euro-style bar pulls; as you can see, with this style of pull, there is a difference between the overall length and the hole spacing.



          A collection of chrome cabinet bar pulls from 2 inchs up to almost 30 inches.



          Knowing the difference between hole spacing and overall length may seem really obvious, but when selecting cabinet pulls, it is an important. Especially if the holes for your cabinets are already drilled.



          So the next time your designer, contractor, builder, or cabinet maker asks
          you to select five-inch pulls, make sure you clarify if that is five-inch hole spacing or five inches overall length. They will be super impressed by your industry talk, and you will be sure to get the right size pull for your kitchen cabinets!

          BONUS: If you want to learn more about which way to mount your hardware, where to mount your pulls and knobs or what size pull you need, check out our other helpful "how to" blogs:








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