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February 13, 2020 3 min read

How To Measure Hole Spacing On Your Cabinet Hardware


Some of the most frequent questions that we get concern the dimensions of cabinet pulls, how to know what size to buy, or how to measure your existing hole spacing.

Let's talk cabinet hardware jargon...at least the cabinet hardware dimensions.

As a visual aid, please refer to the diagram below of the Cosmas 4390SN Satin Nickel Cabinet Pull:






How to measure your cabinet hardware


  • Length: Sometimes referred to as "overall length" or "total length", this dimension is the most obvious. Length refers to the distance from one end of the cabinet pull to the other. In the diagram above, the length is 4".


  • Width: The width refers to the vertical distance across the face of the pull, of the pull were installed on a horizontal plane. Because some cabinet pulls do not have a consistent dimension across the face, this dimension usually refers to the widest point on the face. In the diagram above, the width is 1/2".


  • Projection: This is usually the dimension that confuses people the most. Projection is the amount that the drawer pull projects, or "sticks out" from the drawer or cabinet face. It is measured from the bottom of the base of the pull to the outermost point. On the pull above, the projection iof our example cabinet pull is 1-1/16". Projection can vary - and for some customers how far a pull sticks out from the drawer or door is important.


  • Hole Spacing: Okay - this is how us industry folk talk. When referring to cabinet hardware, we usually refer to the hole spacing of the pull. The hole spacing of a pull is sometime referred to as "hole centers", or "CTC" (center-to-center). As the latter two references imply, it is the distance between the center-points of the two screw holes, whether you are measuring the existing holes in your drawers or cabinets or between the two holes on the backside of a cabinet pull.


  • PRO TIP Hole spacing does not refer to the distance between the two screw holes, which is why we added emphasis on center-points.

It is worth noting that the dimensions of cabinet hardware are often provided in metric measurements.

The United States is one of only three countries in the entire world that has not adopted the metric system as it's official system of weights and measures. For this reason, cabinet hardware is usually manufactured to metric dimensions.

These dimensions are then converted into the closest approximation using customary units (USCS), the system used by the United States.

For this reason, we have a FEW PRO TIPS to offer when measuring hole spacing for cabinet hardware:

  • PRO TIP #1 - Measure metrically. Millimeters are smaller and more accurate than the smallest unit found on most tape measures, which is 1/16".
    • PRO TIP # 2 Make sure the hole-spacing listed on the pulls that you are interested in are given in metric units (see chart below)
    Metric Dimension Customary Unit Approximate Conversion
    64mm 2-1/2"
    76mm 3"
    96mm 3-3/4"
    128mm 5"
    160mm 6-5/16"
    192mm 7-1/2"
    224mm 8-7/8"
      • PRO TRIP #3 Don't start at the end of the measuring tape or the ruler. The most accurate starting point is at a whole number.


      If you aren't 100% sure about what size pull to use on your cabinet drawer - you can check out this quick guide - How To Choose The Best Size Pulls For Your Cabinets Drawers

      And if you need to know cabinet hardware sizing for cabinet doors - check out this article - How To Choose The Best Size Pulls For Your Kitchen Cabinets Doors

      Finally, if you need some ideas of how and where to place pulls vs. knobs check this one out:  HOW TO DECIDE KITCHEN CABINET HARDWARE PLACEMENT FOR CABINET DOORS AND DRAWERS  

      Well, that wraps up our easy guide to measuring your cabinet hardware...now all you have to do is decide on the style and finish that best suits your project!

      Check out our selection of cabinet hardware HERE and don't forget to use the coupon code SUPPORT SMALL at checkout for additional savings!

      As always if you have questions about cabinet pulls and how to measure them, check us out on our live chat or email us at support@doorcorner.com When you contact us - you will always speak with one of the owners and we like to think we know our stuff!



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