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February 10, 2020 3 min read

We love breaking the design and fashion rules! We aren’t scared! Heck, we even wear white after labor day!

It wasn’t that long ago that the interior design rule that “all metals must match” was strictly followed. What is the metal matching rule? Let’s say that you went with satin nickel cabinet pulls for your kitchen, then your sink, lights, accents, well, everything metal had to be satin nickel as well.

Well, get ready to embrace your rule-breaking inner rebel-child and free yourself from the matchy-matchy design mantra. Mixing metals is the new design trend, and we are loving it!

Now that you know about it, we guarantee you will start recognizing it everywhere. The mismatching metal design trend has been popping up in homes all over America, and why not? Blending different metal finishes is a gorgeous way to add depth, sophistication and warmth to your interior design palette.

So, pull out that white pantsuit in November, mix your metals in your kitchen and get ready to break all the design rules!

1. Things are moving a little too fast!

Are you generally afraid of commitment? Don’t worry, we get it. No judgement here. If you don’t want to commit to a full, all-in metal mixing make-over marriage, how about taking things slowly? Try easing into the metal mixing game by peppering a space with different metal accessories. Try different finishes on mirrors or lights just to make a room pop. Mix up frames, lamps, wall art and other knick-knacks for an easy (not to mention inexpensive!) design cohesion, without the commitment of more permanent pieces.


2. Think Outside the Kitchen

When the mixing metals trend first hit the design circuit a couple of years ago, designers were mixing it up in the kitchen. Yes, metal mixing with sinks, cabinet hardware, lights and accessories is a creative and layered design technique that blends perfectly in kitchens, and we are 100% for it! But don’t be afraid to take the metal mixing concept to other rooms in the house. Bathrooms, studies, dining areas, bedrooms and living rooms are fantastic places to mix metals in the design.


3. Good Things Come in 3’s

As a general rule of thumb, stick to the 3-metal guide. We recommend limiting your metal pairings to three different finishes. Choose your favorite metal as your primary focal point then add a layered effect with one opposing metal finish. For example, copper with satin nickel, stainless steel with brass and so on. Then, for the final touch of pizazz, add just one more complimentary metal; copper, stainless steel and brass, for example, all blend beautifully.


4. Mono e Mono Matching

Another great technique and one that is really gaining popularity in the design world is the method of sticking to one metal family and finding different finishes within that metal. Brass, bronze, and silver tones, for example, all have varying hues within their individual families. Try experimenting with one metal finish and find different blends, shades, hues and contrasts within that one grouping. If you are afraid that you are limiting yourself, don’t worry - even with one metal finish, you will have a lot to choose from! Brass is a great example - you have brushed brass, antique brass, hammered brass, polished brass, satin brass, champagne brass and so on, so you will not have a shortage of choices. The monochromatic metal mixing technique is a fabulous way to achieve a harmonious balance to your room.


4. Applied Mixology

For the more daring and advanced metal mixing fan, behold! A brazen idea! Mixing appliances! Who says you have to matchy-match your appliances? Not us! For a wonderfully chic look to a kitchen, how about trying matching different finishes on your appliances. A farm sink and an old fashioned inspired refrigerator blends beautifully with dark stainless steel stove-tops and dishwasher.


So, no matter how you decide to jump into the mixing metal pool of design - whether you want to just get your toe a little wet or cannonball right in - we applaud you! Mixing metals in your home interior is a fabulously chic and creative way to make a statement!

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