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February 14, 2020 1 min read

How To Reverse A Cosmas Keyed Entry Door Lever

These instructions will assist you in reversing a Cosmas Entry Door Lever, including the Cosmas 50 Series and Cosmas 80 Series. Other Cosmas Entry Door Levers are symmetrical in design, and would not need to be reversed.

1.) Unpack Cosmas door lever from box

Cosmas door lever unpacked from box

2.) If necessary, remove old door hardware from door.

Door slab without a door knob or lever

3.) Insert and install latch.

Door slab with only latch installed in door

4.) Insert lever with spindle into latch, making certain that stems are positioned correctly through latch holes. Push flush against door. Insert screws and tighten until lock-set is firm.

For keyed entry levers, make sure that key cylinder is on the correct side of the door, even if the lever is temporarily upside down.

Cosmas door lever installed before door lever is reversed

5.) To reverse the door levers, set the lock button at 45-degrees between “lock” position and “unlock” position. NOTE: It is important that the lock be in this position in order to remove and reverse the levers.

Thumb tab on the inside of a Cosmas keyed entry door lever

6.) Use a flat-head screwdriver, or included tool, to depress the tab on the exterior trim. This will release a catch and allow you to remove the exterior lever by pulling away from the door. Repeat the procedure to remove the interior lever, making sure the lock is still in the correct position.

Using tool to reverse a Cosmas door lever handle

7.) Exchange the interior and exterior levers, placing the interior lever on the outside and the exterior lever on the inside.

Two hands removing a Cosmas door lever handle

8.) Depress metal tab, and secure the levers until they “snap” into place over the tab.

Cosmas door lever with lever handle removed

Two hands reinstalling a Cosmas door lever handle

9.) Install strike plate.

Oil rubbed bronze strike plate on white door frame

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