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February 18, 2020 2 min read

When you get bored with how your house looks, you can always do some interior remodeling. For instance, you can change up the interior wall sconces to get different lighting.

But what about the outside?

Are you stumped on how to upgrade the look of your home? Here are nine clever house number ideas to spice it up!

1. Rustic Wooden Board

Get some metal numbers as a base. Choose from a range of different types of wood from light to dark, then nail some metal numbers on top. Try and choose a contrasting shade of metal to the wooden board for a better effect.

To perk it up a bit, consider having a planter with flowers at the bottom.

House numbers on rustic wooden boards

2. Mosaics

Smash up some old plates; bonus points if they're colorful.
Glue the pieces onto your house numbers to create a beautiful mosaic look.


House numbers made from mosaic tiles

3. Old Milk Can

If you love having a vintage look, then consider using an old milk jug to display your house number. You have two choices here. One, you can keep the can white and paint black house numbers on. Or, you can go the opposite way by painting the milk can black and have white house numbers on it instead.

White house numbers painted on a black milk jug

4. Nautical Buoys

This can make your house more fun, especially if you live by the beach. Paint some buoys in colorful colors, including your house number; you may have to do it vertically.
Hang up the buoys on the side of your house when you're done!

House numbers made from nautical wooden buoys

5. Paddle

Here's another nautical-themed house number idea. Grab a paddle and paint it in the colors you desire.
You can then either paint your house number vertically or nail some metal house numbers on. Then, hang the paddle with the handle side down.

House numbers mounted vertically on a wooden oar

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