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April 04, 2022 3 min read

As we have mentioned in previous posts, there are many variations of gold finishes on the market, with both subtle and not-so-subtle differences between brands, and different types of hardware.

Many of our customers choose to use Amazon.com in their search for the perfect faucet in a gold finish, and while Amazon's selection is vast, there is little organization or direction with regard to matching finishes between faucets and cabinet hardware.  

We decided to do our own research and take a look at two of the most popular gold faucets on Amazon, to determine what would be the best matching cabinet hardware.


Amazing Force Faucets

A little bit of a strange name, Amazing Force has some of the best-rated faucets on Amazon. Amazing Force offers faucets for both the bathroom and the kitchen in satin nickel, matte black, and gold.

For the bathroom, the most popular faucet is the gold single hole bathroom faucet, which can also be purchased with a drain assembly, or with the drain assembly and deck plate.

Amazing Force Gold Bathroom Faucet

For the kitchen, the most popular option offered is a single-handle kitchen faucet with a sprayer, which is manufactured from 304 stainless steel.

Amazing Force Gold Kitchen Faucet Modern Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

There are many names in gold finishes, such as Gold Champagne, Brushed Brass, and Brushed Gold. Somewhat confusingly, Amazing Force has chosen to list some of their faucets as Brushed Gold and others as Gold - nevertheless, each of these faucets is the same finish.

More importantly, the cabinet hardware that we matched with these faucets is actually called Brushed Brass. Despite the name difference, we found that the Diversa Brushed Brass Euro Bar Pulls are a prefect match for the Amazing Force gold bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Diversa Brushed Brass finish and Amazing Force Gold finish

As you can see from the photo above, the name of a finish is not necessarily as important as what the finish actually is, or looks like. There is no doubt that the Diversa cabinet bar pulls in the Brushed Brass finish coordinate perfectly with gold faucet finish.

The Diversa European Bar Pulls are offered in four different  lengths, and also include an optional t-bar knob for single-hole applications. They are also able to be purchase as individual items, of in 10-Packs for larger projects.


Arofa Faucets

Though Arofa does not currently offer bathroom faucets, their kitchen faucets are some of the highest-rated on Amazon. In fact, with almost 5,000 reviews, the Arofa Gold Kitchen Faucet is "Amazon's Choice".

We wanted to see this faucet for ourselves, particularly due to the exhausting 30-word product title: Gold Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Arofa Stainless Steel Single Hole 3 Hole Deck Mount Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet Modern Industrial Brass RV Farmhouse Camper Champagne Bronze Kitchen Faucet

Arofa Stainless Steel Single Hole 3 Hole Deck Mount Gold Kitchen Sink Faucet

If you were able to get through all of it in one breath, you may have noticed that it states that the faucet is "Gold", "Industrial Brass", and "Champagne Bronze". That's enough to confuse anyone, no matter how beautiful the faucet is.

In looking at the product photo, we thought that the faucet had elements of champagne in it, and as it turns out, we were not wrong.

Cosmas gold champagne hardware and Arofa champagne faucet

We paired the Arofa faucet with the Gold Champagne cabinet hardware from Cosmas. The deeper tones of the Cosmas Gold Champagne blended perfectly with the Champage tone of the Arofa kitchen faucet.

Pictured above are the Cosmas 704GC cabinet knob and the Cosmas 4392GC cabinet pull. However, Cosmas makes 37 total cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in the Gold Champagne finish, so if you are upgrading your kitchen with the Arofa gold faucet, you will have many options when selecting your cabinet hardware.




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