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March 20, 2022 2 min read


Ahhhhh, copper! We love it! I mean, we really really love it!

Are you a little hesitant about copper? Think that maybe it is old-fashioned? Not very trendy? Something you found in grandma's kitchen?

If the words "copper and design" immediately conjure up images of country kitchens and well-used copper pots, then allow us to introduce you to today's copper!

Copper in home interior design is trending upwards and is super popular right now. Why? It's not your grandma's copper!

Today's copper is modern and clean and rich and pretty and warm and gorgeous. It is used for hood vents, cabinet hardware, lights, faucets, sinks, bar stools, backsplashes and so much more!

We think that the captivating honey-red rich tones of copper are back in style because they work perfectly, complimenting so many different color palettes. It doesn't matter the color - from stark whites to 'greige', to beige, black, navy, slate gray, or pastels, copper just finds its place next to other colors and hues and fits in perfectly!

Not convinced? Want some copper design ideas?

Well, copper is right at home with other metals like iron or steel. So it works perfectly if you are mixing metals for a more balanced layered interior design look. Copper is also beautifully complementary to other materials like wood, brick, and stone. Try adding splashes of copper to modern settings as it really punches up the overall design while still keeping the look modern.

Take a look at our video and you will see some really easy, stunningly beautiful ways you can use copper to punch up interior design.

We think you will find that today's copper is so much more than pots and plumbing!

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