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April 20, 2022 6 min read

Satin nickel cabinet hardware, or as it is sometimes called brushed nickel cabinet hardware, is often considered the backbone of cabinet hardware finishes.


Why? Well, satin nickel cabinet knobs and satin nickel pulls have been a staple choice for kitchen cabinets for decades. But it is not just how long they have been around that makes them a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. With its muted silver tones and unobjectionable shine, the satin nickel is the go-to finish for homeowners, builders, and designers alike. But if we were to sum up the satin nickel cabinet hardware finish in one word, it would be versatility.


The word "versatile" is thrown around a lot in the design arena, but never is it more true when it comes to satin nickel cabinet hardware. The unobjectionable, understated, easy on the eyes finish of satin nickel is adaptable to any design.


Sure, words like adaptable, versatile, and understated might not be sexy - and we admit that satin nickel cabinet pulls might not be the newest trendy color, but don't count them out as dull. Satin nickel cabinet hardware is anything but boring!


Even with recent design trends like farmhouse or modern sophistication where black and gold-colored hardware trended, satin nickel still found a home. Over the years, we have found that satin nickel knobs and pulls remain relevant in current design trends, making them one of our most popular finishes.


So as the satin nickel cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls aren't going anywhere anytime soon, we thought these often uncelebrated workhorses of a handle should get their time in the spotlight.


So, if you wonder what cabinet color goes with satin nickel cabinet pulls? Or, what is our most popular cabinet hardware finish? Look no further; let us spotlight the versatile satin nickel finish for cabinet hardware.


Here are 15 of our favorite and fabulous inspirational kitchen designs that feature the gorgeous, understated, and sometimes under-appreciated satin nickel cabinet hardware.


1. White, Light and Bright

This gorgeous kitchen puts a modern twist on the farmhouse look. The stunning white cabinets are adorned with satin nickel drawer pulls and satin nickel knobs on the cabinet doors. The wood island with a white butcher block top and wicker stools make for an inviting seating area to entertain while whipping up your famous spiced apple cake and sweet tea. 


Satin nickel cabinet pull in white country farmhouse kitchen

2. Blue By You

The emerging trend of using blue cabinets to warm up a kitchen is one of our favorites. This gorgeous modern country kitchen features the ever-popular kitchen cabinet color "Navy Haze," heavy-duty satin nickel bar pulls, and square satin nickel knobs - the result is stunning!

farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinets and satin nickel cabinet pulls and knobs


 3. Going Greige

A super popular color in the design theater today is the lovely greige. What is greige? Well, it is a mix of gray and beige that results in a rich, warm color scheme that is an inviting, gorgeous neutral. The greige finish of cabinets works perfectly with satin nickel cabinet hardware. The subdued tone of the greige kitchen cabinets perfectly complements the neutral tones of satin nickel knobs and pulls. This French country pantry-style kitchen has plenty of storage and an overload of charm! Can't you just smell the fresh baked bread?


Greige kitchen cabinets in a french country pantry kitchen with satin nickel pulls by Diversa  1068-96-BSN

4. Squeeze of Lemon

Bright and cheery is the theme of this modern spin on a beach-y Cape Cod kitchen. The designer opted for open shelf upper cabinets and sunshine yellow base cabinets and drawers to achieve that modern country look. The cabinets have the classic satin nickel pulls on both the drawers and cabinet doors. The satin nickel cabinet hardware is perfect for the theme and color of this kitchen.


Bright Yellow cape cod country kitchen with Diversa Trinty  1068-128-BSN satin nickel cabient pulls


5. Green With Envy

Green kitchen cabinets look fabulous in so many different styles of kitchens. Whether using a forest green island, an emerald green built-in hutch, or the deep sage green, like this kitchen bar nook features, green and satin nickel just go together. The wonderful subdued neutral tones of the traditional satin nickel pulls on the green cabinets pair perfectly with the faucet and silvers of the silvers in the countertop. You have to admit, these color combinations just work! 


Moss green cabinets in kitchen with stain nickel handles


6. Back in Black

This over the top kitchen features black cabinetry and satin nickel bar pulls. The silver mirrored backsplash tile is certainly the star of the show, so the satin nickel cabinet pulls are there as a complimentary costar. This dramatic kitchen will certainly make tongues wag.


FLashy dramatic black kitchen with mirror backsplash and satin nickel cabinet pulls


7. Black is Back - Again

Black kitchen cabinets are a popular color for different styles of kitchens. This kitchen features a more subdued use of black kitchen cabinets and showcases the "all knob look." The kitchen mixes brass and black metals with the simple oval satin nickel cabinet knobs, and they really round out the entire look of this slate green-black kitchen.


slate gray cabinets with round kitchen cabinet knobs by Doorcorner  1068-K-BSN


8. Crisp and Clean

We are head over heels for all-white kitchens, and this gorgeous white kitchen is one of our favs! The kitchen features white cabinets and stark white countertops with warm hardwood flooring. The eye-catching herringbone backsplash with its sparkly silvers and grays perfectly matches the satin nickel cabinet pulls. The square satin nickel pulls are solid metal, easy to grasp, and the satin nickel finish looks stunning in the exquisite kitchen.


White kitchen with Diversa  1002-128-SN and Diversa  1002-192-SN satin nickel cabinet pulls


9. Plum Perfect

This beautiful kitchen features a unique plum-colored island. The use of colorful islands in a white kitchen is such a fun way to add whimsy and creative style to a neutral canvas. The simple cabinet cup pulls in satin nickel, and round satin nickel cabinet knobs on the doors strike a remarkable balance with the jewel-colored island. The under-counter lighting is an inventive way to add even more character to a kitchen, and we like it because it highlights our favorite thing - the cabinet hardware.

Plum island with a  8003-BSN Diversa satin nickel cup pull


10. Gracious in Gray

Gray kitchen cabinets are a great way to add some warmth and interest to a kitchen without taking too much of a design risk. This elegant kitchen is a perfect example of how a gray kitchen can work perfectly and warm up a space. The inviting mid-tone gray color of the island is a beautiful rich tone, and the cabinet doors have simple satin nickel cabinet knobs. Using these understated satin nickel knobs on the kitchen cabinet doors provides a lovely accent to the other touches of silvers and brushed nickel pieces in the room and ties everything together.


Gray elegant kitchen with satin nickel knobs


11. The Primary Suspect

Kitchens are often the heart of the home, and this whimsical kitchen screams a heart of happiness! The designer has used some bold primary colors on the range, table, and ceiling to add unexpected splashes of brightness to this otherwise all-white kitchen. The hardware in the satin nickel finish is the perfect combination of understated and yet cheery enough to complement the primary colors. The round satin nickel knobs and cuppulls aren't the stars of this kitchen, and that's okay because they blend perfectly into the creative esthetic.

Blue and yellow kitchen with satin nickel cabinet hardware on white cabinets


12. Wood you know

This charming traditional kitchen features stunning mahogany cabinets that are the kitchen's focal point. The warm reddish brown wood blends flawlessly with satin nickel knobs and pulls. As you can see, the satin nickel cabinet pulls fit effortlessly into this traditional kitchen design. They add function and simple beauty to wood cabinets without overpowering them.


traditional kitchen with brown mahogany cabinets and satin nickel pulls and knobs


13. Knock on Wood

To prove that satin nickel cabinet hardware is a perfect match for any wood color, we have gone to the other end of the spectrum with this kitchen. This contemporary kitchen features custom hand-crafted maple cabinets. The cabinet drawers have a simple satin nickel cup pull, while all the cabinet doors have an uncomplicated round cabinet knob. This clean esthetic of simple lines and unobjectionable pairings result in a functional, inviting, and exquisite kitchen.


contemporary wood kitchen with hand crafted maple cabinets and satin nickel knobs.


14. Industrial Revolution

This clever industrial modern kitchen makes excellent use of its limited space and yet packs a design punch with its brilliant use of color blending. The faux cherry cabinets are adorned with satin nickel pulls that act as a perfect accent for the stainless steel fridge, sink, and microwave. The satin nickel pulls are used as standouts in this kitchen and accent the overall look of the cabinets.


Industrial kitchen for a condo with black and satin nickel accents. Cabinet handles are satin nickel.


15. Ready for Red

This ultra-modern kitchen features the popular high gloss red acrylic cabinets. The show-stopping fire engine red cabinets look perfect with the extra long satin nickel appliance bar pulls. The European-inspired design features a  checkered board backsplash and acrylic bar stools, so the Euro-inspired solid metal bar pulls are the perfect jewelry for the cabinet doors.

Modern red, white and black kitchen with satin nickel cabinet pulls


There you have it—our showcase of the 15 most popular cabinet hardware looks in the satin nickel finish.

As you can see, satin nickel cabinet handles and satin nickel knobs really go with any kitchen cabinet style and any color of kitchen cabinet. The satin nickel knobs and pulls are the perfect accents to kitchen cabinets, from white shakers to traditional mahogany, elegant gray or bright acrylics - the unassuming and versatile satin nickel cabinet hardware can blend into any home decor.



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