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April 21, 2022 3 min read

We continue our quest to match the right cabinet hardware with specific faucet finishes. In this article, we look at matte black faucets from two of the best known brand names in the faucet industry: Delta Faucets and Kohler Faucets.


Matte Black versus Flat Black

There is often debate about the differences between matte black and flat black, and for good reason - many industries define their differences (and similarities) in different ways.

According to Sheldon & Sons about wall paint, matte paint "usually has very low-gloss, but it has more shine than a flat paint finish". However, they also go on to say "Flat and matte finishes have no or minimum gloss and as a result, these two types of paints are often used interchangeably".

Our experience leads us to think the opposite about these finishes in cabinet hardware, with flat black being a neutral black with a low sheen, and matte black being a true black with virtually no sheen. 

Nevertheless, we are in complete agreement that these black finishes, whether they are designated as "matte" or "flat", can be used in coordination with each other, especially when selecting cabinet hardware to match your new faucets.


Delta Essa Single Handle Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Essa Single Handle Matte Black Kitchen Faucet has a simple, modern design with a high arc and gooseneck that swivels 360 degrees. Compared to the Kohler Motif faucet, it appears smaller in both height and overall projection, even though they are very similar in both dimensions. The finish, while fairly indistinguishable to the Kohler matte black, has just a touch more sheen to it.


For these reasons, the cabinet hardware that we would recommend using with the Delta Essa Matte Black Faucet are the Cosmas 305 Series Flat Black Bar Pulls. Despite being called "flat black", the finishes coordinate wonderfully, and the modern design of the Cosmas bar pulls compliment the design of the Delta Essa faucet.




Kohler Motif Single Handle Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

The Kohler Motif Matte Black Kitchen Faucet is named appropriately, with is decorative design and hints at a French origin. Both the neck and the spout seem to have more character, as does the single-handle lever. The matte black finish appears to be slightly lighter than the Delta matte black, and has marginally less sheen (which might explain the "lighter" appearance).


The true matte black finish and distinctive elements of the Kohler Motif make the Diversa Matte Black Trinity Collection and ideal choice for coordinating cabinet hardware. The finishes are a perfect compliment to each other, and the Trinity knobs and pulls will add a distinguishing feature to your kitchen design.



Don't Sweat The Name

If there is one thing that we have learned from inspecting these faucets and cabinet hardware, it is this: matte black and flat black are can be used interchangeably, no matter what they are called.

Unlike the gold and brass finishes (see: Gold and Brass Hardware - Comparing the Finishes), you do not need to be nearly as concerned about whether your black faucet will blend well with your black cabinet hardware.

Matte black and flat black can be used together in any way, and will seamlessly work together to provide the design contrast you are looking for.







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