February 10, 2020 4 min read

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa and a day of pampering? Fancy hotels and spas sure know how to turn a boring bathroom into an oasis of luxury and make us feel rejuvenated. We all love that spa get-away, but we don’t always have the time or money. Not to worry, there are so many easy and inexpensive ways to turn your bathroom into a spa oasis.

Here are four spa-fabulous tips on how to transform your bathroom into a pampering, soothing spa experience right in your home. Have a day at the spa without ever leaving your house!

1. Keep It Simple

In part, the appeal of spas is the simplicity of the design. In order to achieve a spa-like feeling in your bathroom, you are going to have to get rid of clutter. There are many clever ways to simplify your bathroom esthetics.

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Tips for de-cluttering your bathroom to achieve a spa effect:

  • Remove items from your countertops and bathtub ledge. Keep as few items on the counters as possible. For items that are must-haves, keep them all together in a confined, visually pleasing manner. Consider a basket or a tray.
  • A great way to make your bathroom look spa-licious is to use uniform bottles for all of your liquids. Utilize pump top bottles in varying sizes and filling your favorite shampoo and hair products with these uniform bottle dispensers.
  • Install several robe hooks to hang robes and towels. This is great for easy access to much needed items and gives the bathroom a nice, clean, organized look.
  • Use shower caddies or baskets to store rolled towels or folded robes. Set them on the floor or shelving to give that “full service” look.
  • Store cotton balls, Q-tips, makeup remover pads and other hygiene accessories in matching containers.


2. Light Up Your Life

Let’s face it, very few of us look good in florescent lighting - okay, actually none of us do! If you are looking for that relaxing, peaceful spa feeling, you are going to have to ditch the unflattering, department store overhead lights and use warm lighting instead.

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Tips for adding spa lighting to your bathroom:

  • Ambient or natural light is always a great place to start, and then build from there.
  • Layer the bathroom with soft lighting options.
  • Consider layering pendant lights, wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, shower lights, or toe kick lighting. Mix it up and add a variety of lights. For larger lights, consider using dimmer switches to control the intensity.
  • Use lights as accessories. Sprinkle your bathroom with small table lamps on the counters, or lighted wall art. You can even use LED bathtub lighting or light cubes to make your bathtub even more inviting.
  • Add scented candles. Add more scented candles. Then, add more scented candles. A spa effect is so easily achieved when you add some candles, plus it makes your bathroom smell divine! Oh, did we mention....you should really add scented candles?
  • Directional shifts for lighting is a great way set the mood. Try angling your lighting. Instead of top down, think more of lighting in different directions. Lights from the bottom up or sideways cast beautiful shadows and further enhance the spa mood.


3. Knock On Wood

Some of our favorite spas add elements of wood to reach that ethereal, zen-like feeling. Don’t worry, we understand that most of us don’t have the budget or time to wood panel our entire bathroom with cedar planks! That is why we have some inexpensive and easy ways to infuse wood into your bathroom.

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Tips for adding a wood element to your spa inspired bathroom:

  • Faux-wood tile on the floor of your shower can give you that spa-like feel. These products are resistant to water and gives your decor (and your feet) that full-on spa experience.
  • Add a wood ladder or wooden towel holder. Even this small accent of wood can add a grand gesture to your room and make it feel more luxurious.
  • For a somewhat easy DIY, consider swapping out your vanity and traditional drop-in sink for a wooden table and a vessel sink. The pairing of the raised basin and wood counter is a surefire homage to spas.
  • Accessorize with wood. Bathroom trash cans, toilet brush holders, towel rods, tissue holders and more are all available in a variety of wood options. Think about using wood as your design accent. Adding a wooden bathtub tray will really help you feel like you have arrived at a pampering hotel spa!
  • Consider using one or many spa mat(s) as your bathroom mat. These easy to keep clean teak mats naturally resist mold and add a warm, slip resistant alternative to a cloth bath mat. Not to mention that the design effect is scrumptiously spa inspired!


4. Bring The Outdoors In

An element of nature in the bathroom can really make your spa-creation come alive! Yup, pay a bit of homage to Mother Nature and invite her inside. Adding facets of the outdoors into your bathroom is a clever way to create a more realistic spa experience.

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Tips for bringing some natural elements into your bathroom spa:

  • Sprinkle your bathroom with a bit of greenery. Use the counter tops and shelving to add some small potted plants. Aloe vera and most ivy plants tend to flourish in the humid environment and the low-lighting of a bathroom.
  • Take the greenery to the floor. A selection of potted plants or trees placed throughout the bathroom can also make the room feel very earthy. Do a bit of research on which plants thrive in low-light, humid bathroom conditions. We recommend bamboo trees. They love the bathroom “climate” and are so spa and so spectacular!
  • Rock it! Adding some stone or rocks to your bathroom really gives it that spa feel. Rocks can make an appearance in a lot of places. You can add loose stone to the bottom of your sink, line the bath tub with jars of rocks, or add stone or colored rocks to the base of glass candle jar. There are just so many ways to add a little bit of natural stone to your spa bathroom.
  • Flowers are a lovely way to add a bit of color and nature to your room. We love the look of orchids and lilies in a spa-inspired bathroom, and these flowering plants love the humid environment too - that is a floral win-win!