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October 15, 2020 5 min read

What is your bathroom personality? Don't worry, we aren't going to get too personal here!

Let's be frank, it is no secret that we all go! And the bathroom is where we go to go! If we are honest, we all end up spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Whether it is grooming, washing, bathing, or other 'business', the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

So we are asking what does YOUR bathroom DESIGN say about YOU?

Are you a rustic, zen, pampered, or diva bathroom user? Are you not sure? Are you looking for a design style that fits your personality?

Well, we have put together seven amazing bathroom design styles that will help you discover your bathroom style and give you some easy decorating tips to achieve your ultimate bathroom personality!

Let the loo speak for you!


1. The Eleganza Extravaganza Extraordinaire!

Are you discerning with your taste? A princess wanna be? Do you dream of chaise lounges and being fed grapes? Well you might be a huge fan of the elegant bathroom! We know we are!

To achieve the elegant bathroom style, just summon your inner royalty. Go for some luxurious fabrics and metals with beautiful textures and find rich colors to pair them with. Drapery or tapestry in the bathroom is a fabulous accent and mixing those with lush metals like brass cabinet hardware, copper mirrors, or bronze faucets will achieve that opulent statement in the bathroom. Accents like fabric covered vanity chairs or beautiful framed art are easy (and sometimes less expensive) ways to bring a little bit of grandeur to your lavatory! 

Elegant bathroom with gold mirror, gold drapes and upholstered vanity chair



2. The Drama Mama

Where are you on the diva scale? How about throwing some goddess mojo into the bathroom design and stir up some drama with a black bathroom?

Black bathrooms are gorgeous, and one of our most favorite trends. The drama of black paired with some sporadic color pops is such a fantastic look. Whether you are using black in a modern bathroom or as a background for something more traditional, you really can't go wrong with black as your base pallet.

If you are a super-diva and don't shy away from extremely bold designs, try all black everything; ceiling, fixtures, floors, window coverings, black hardware, and so on. It creates a stunning look that is rich, daring, and extraordinary. 

As we all know, black really goes with everything, so pairing it with wood or white or red or brass or silver, or whatever.....you just can't go wrong.

Gold and black bathroom with gold mirror and a gold claw foot soaking tub



3. The Zen Master

Do you revel in a long soak with eucalyptus candles and spa music? Is yoga and meditation your favorite pastime? Is the bathroom the room you go to rejuvenate, reflect and revive your inner spirit?  Well then, you might be the ultimate Zen master bather.

To get the pinnacle calming bathroom experience, you will need to start with the pallet. Think neutral and nature. Use easy calming tones on the walls, vanity and floor. Bits of texture either on the wall or furniture is a terrific way to add some layers to your space and make it a bit more zen and interesting.

A beautiful blend of nature always brings some peace to the bathroom, so bring in some nature elements with plants or orchids. And don't forget about bamboo! Haven't considered bamboo as a bathroom element? Well then you are missing out my yogi! Bamboo is a splendid bathroom accessory by way of art work, floor mats or plant holders. For the real deal about a soothing spa experience check out our how to turn your bathroom into a spa blog.

Soothing bathroom with neutral colors, large soaking tub and bamboo floor mats



4. The Eclectic Hipster

We don't want to pigeonhole the hipster into one bathroom design style, so we are adding eclectic to the definition. If you are a lover of old fashioned bathroom soaker tubs, distressed wood, soft pastel bathroom towels and obscure antique thrift store find,  you might just be an eclectic hipster bathroom bohemian!

The great thing about this bohemian bathroom design is that anything goes.  To get the eclectic hipster bathroom of your dreams, try mixing it up and go the shabby chic route and sprinkle a bit of your own funky fashion. Blend soft wall colors with distressed items like patina mirror frames, antique copper drawer pulls or chipped painted bathroom vanity chair. That's right, we said chipped paint! We just love that used or distressed look. When you add your personal pieces, yard sale finds, and funky lighting, it really rounds out the entire bathroom look.

Don't be afraid to blend feminine and masculine, elegant and rustic, hippie and chic. All of it will make for a glorious blending of design styles. It's your style - anything goes!


bathroom shabby chic with soaker tub, antieuqes and distressed wood


 6. The Simply Sleek Sophisticate

At the other end of the busy bohemian spectrum is the sleek and simple bathroom design style. Are you a neat and tidy person? Do you like an uncomplicated sophisticated room that is tranquil and practical? Well we think you will love our sophisticated bathroom design styles. Don't misunderstand this design, it is not boring at all! It is a minimalist take on bathroom design that blends function and beauty and gives the bathroom a little bit of class!

To achieve the styling of this uncomplicated bathroom design, keep your color pallet simple. Stay away from prints or busy patterns and wallpaper is a definite no-no. Try keeping bathroom fixtures, wall and floor colors to two main colors and don't worry, they can be contrasting. Great combinations are black and tan, blue and white, yellow and brown. Pick your two colors and use those for walls, window treatments, fixtures, art work, back splash, bathroom accessories and so on, but remember those accessories should remain uncluttered and simple.

When going for this look, also keep your bathroom fixtures unified and symmetrical. What do we mean? Well, keep everything in the same finish. No mixing metals here. So, if you have an oil rubbed bronze bath tub faucet, then make sure that the vanity faucets  and cabinet hardware are also oil rubbed bronze.


 Bright bathroom with blue walls and white floor.

7.  The Fabulous Funky Funster

Are you up for anything? Do you express yourself with colors and embrace your inner funkiness? Then you might just love our take on the fun and funky bathroom style.

To achieve the funky bathroom look we have one word for you - color.

We will say it again. Color!

Color, color, color! It doesn't matter which color - just pick a bright pallet and go with it. Be bold. Be fun. Be funky!

We love the trend of colored or painted bathtubs. You can get bathtubs in any color now. Primary colors are a great base to start with and work from there. Choose your stand alone soaker tub as the eye catching centerpiece of your bathroom and mix it with other colored fixtures. Add a pop of color with lights and towels and floor mats, and you got yourself a funky fun bathroom! Oh, and don't forget there are so many fun colorful cabinet pulls and knobs out there that can really jazz up the bathroom cabinets.

Funky bathroom with red soaker tub red sink bowls and grey walls






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