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October 09, 2020 5 min read

Have you noticed that kitchen cabinets are always trying to steal the show? Let's face it, they are the main attraction to any kitchen, but sometimes those kitchen cabinets can be like a faded starlet, and need a little work to bring them back to their glory days.

In order to keep the star of the show (a.k.a. those kitchen cabinets) fresh and trendy, we have put together a list of different cool kitchen cabinet design trends that are sure to turn your blah, washed-up kitchen cabinets into the divas they were meant to be.

1. Opening Night

Open shelves might not be what jumps to mind when you think of kitchen cabinetry, but they are a great design trend that we are loving.

With so many different ways to use open shelves, from over the counter, to either side of a stove, to hanging over an island, they are functional and fun! Open shelves are a budget friendly, easy DIY way to add a bit of flare to your kitchen and they look super cool too!

Quick tip: Be sure to keep the open kitchen shelving organized by strategically displaying dishes, pots, plants, cookbooks etc. Just make sure the open shelves in your kitchen don't turn into a drop-zone for clutter.


Kitchen features open wood shelves for function and beauty


2. Raise your Glass and Light it Up!

Replacing a few of your upper kitchen cabinets with glass fronts is a shockingly inexpensive and effective way to update your kitchen decor. Kitchen cabinets that have glass panels are especially beautiful when you have some lighting to go with them. Also an easy DIY project, adding back lighting to your glass front cabinets can be as easy as stick-on lights or an LED string. Lighted glass cabinets makes our hearts happy! Not to mention that lights make cabinets an instant center focus to your kitchen and a show stopper!

Quick Tip: Keep it simple. Just choose a few glass cabinets to display some favorite pieces. Having all your cabinets with glass doors is going to make it hard to hide your miss-matched items or junk!


3. A Kick in The Brass!

Oh how we love new brushed brass hardware! We love it! We love it! We can't get enough of it!

And what better way to showcase brass pulls and knobs than to feature them on kitchen cabinets? A stunning cabinet design that is trending right now is brushed brass against dark or colored cabinets. Of course, the brushed brass handles go great on white, wood, and painted cabinets too, but that dark and brass contrast is ever so stunning!  This trend is so great, because in our opinion, brass cabinet hardware is a versatile finish that screams elegance and style!

Quick Tip: Don't be afraid to mix and match different finishes of brass. It is amazing how many shades of brass-like cabinet hardware is on the market (antique brass, gold champagne, burnished brass, brushed brass). Check out our Mixing Metals blog for some brass mixing ideas that will make your home decor pop!


brushed brass on modern colored kitchen cabinets


4. Sometimes It Takes Two

Shake off the tendency for a kitchen full of monochromatic one-tone cabinets. Yes, mix it up and add another color to your kitchen cabinets with the two-tone cabinet trend!

So what is the two-tone cabinet trend? It is simply adding two different color cabinets in the same kitchen. The layering of two contrasting colors is a great way to showcase your kitchen cabinets as a design feature.

A one time design no-no, we find that the styling your kitchen with two different color cabinets is a design win-win. Whether you mix it up with different color cabinets on an island or contrast the colors from one wall to the other - this two-tone trend is a fabulous way to add symmetry and style to your kitchen cabinet designs.

Quick Tip: In order to ensure that your kitchen cabinets don't get too wacky looking, keep the color blends to two complimentary colors.

Grey-and-white-two-tone-kitchen-cabinets. Kitchen-design-trends


5. Island Hopping

If you have got the space for it, we highly recommend the two-kitchen-island trend. Yes, we know that islands are not technically cabinetry - but work with us here! Okay?

Despite what you may think, two islands in one kitchen is not overkill, but a great way to add some more functional space to your kitchen and channel your inner gourmet chef!

The two island kitchen trend showed up a few years ago and has taken large kitchens by storm. The duality of the islands allows for ample seating, purpose and form, and extra cabinet space! Boom! Just like that, we worked cabinets back into this one!

Quick Tip: Don't be afraid to try different sized islands or irregular shaped islands to fit your space. Be sure to utilize the island space for lots of extra storage!


Two kitchen islands in large modern kitchen


6. Black is Back!

Black cabinet hardware has been around since, well, we don't know for sure - but we think since cabinet hardware! And yes, black cabinet hardware has come in and out of style, and we are seeing it surging back right now.

Black pulls and knobsare so versatile that you would be hard pressed to find a style or cabinet that black hardware won't pair with. Don't believe us? Well, is farmhouse rustic your style? Black cup pulls. Or do you like the traditional white cabinets? Good, then use black contemporary pulls. Or maybe you are more of an industrial transitional design fan? Perfect, how about black European bar pulls.

Black really does go with everything and that is so true when it comes to cabinet hardware. Colored cabinets, white, wood, modern, rustic, contemporary - black cabinet hardware is a fantastic choice.

Quick Tip: Try modern European bar pulls on traditional cabinets for a contrasting, yet complimentary look.

Shaker cabinets in a lush grey with black european bar pulls


7. Wood You Keep Me Warm!

The warmth of wood kitchen cabinets has never really gone out of style, but its popularity is soaring back now. The attraction we have to wood might be something very internal and some long-away connection to our ancestors - who knows? Whatever it is, wood kitchen cabinets make us happy!

The warmth of wood is undeniable, but what is amazing to us is the versatility of wood kitchen cabinets. Changing the wood can change an entire look and feel of a kitchen. From oak to pine to walnut to spruce, we love a warm kitchen with wood cabinets. It really doesn't matter the design of the kitchen, when you add wood kitchen cabinets, it is a homage to tradition and also a nod to the future. Wood, we love you!

Quick Tip: Add some modern pieces to traditional wood cabinets to get a more up-to-date feel of your kitchen. Stainless steel appliances or a high end gas range with wood cabinets makes for a beautiful pairing.

Doorcorner presents a large wood warm kitchen with modern appliances






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