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March 23, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

For most applications a residential-grade door hinge will be sufficient for what you need. Residential-grade door hinges will be sufficient for solid-core doors and hollow-core doors up to 8-feet tall.

There are three basic styles of door hinges:

  • Square Corner
  • 1/4" Radius Corner
  • 5/8" Radius Corner

All three door hinges are offered in a variety of finishes.

Square Corner Hinge

Square corner hinges are simply that - they have no rounded edge at the corner at the corners.

1/4" Radius and 5/8" Radius Hinge

Radius corner door hinges are sometimes more difficult to figure out. Below are two simple tests which will assist you in determining which radius door hinge you will need.  

Click on either link below to take the 1/4" Radius Corner Door Hinge Test or the 5/8" Radius Door Hinge Test to choose the correct hinge.



1/4" Radius Corner Door Hinge Test

If you hold up a dime in the corner of the door hinge as shown in the photo and the radius is just smaller than the dime, this is a 1/4" radius door hinge. If it is larger, try the 5/8" radius door hinge.
1/4" Radius Corner Door Hinge Coin Test with a dime

5/8" Radius Corner Door Hinge Test

If you hold up a quarter in the corner of the door hinge and the radius is roughly the same curve as the quarter, you have a 5/8" radius door hinge. If the radius is smaller, you probably have 1/4" radius corners. Check out the 1/4" radius corner test to see if your door hinge is a 1/4" radius door hinge.
5/8" radius door hinge test with a quarter

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September 09, 2022

OMGosh!! Thank you so much for this article!!!! What Door Hinge Do I Need? article was so informative yet so simple!! It has saved me from making multiple trips to the hardware store. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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