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May 05, 2022 7 min read

White kitchens seem to top every list of the most popular color of kitchens. A white kitchen can mean white cabinets, white counters, white backsplash, white walls, white flooring, and white appliances, with some or all of these elements. And as popular white kitchens have been around for a long time and aren't going anywhere any time soon, we thought we would consider the best cabinet hardware color for white kitchen cabinets.

First, let's look at why white kitchens are so appealing. Well, the clean and fresh look of a white kitchen is inviting and can be used in any design style, making the white kitchen super versatile! Think of a white cabinet as a blank canvass to create your own style. Many homeowners and designers like working with the clean white cabinets because it is the perfect jumping-off point to create a unique design.

And we love white kitchens for the same reason!

It is just a easy pallet to work with, and when it comes to cabinet hardware and white kitchens, we can't think of a cabinet hardware finish on the market that doesn't beautifully pair with white kitchens.

In this article, we will look at a variety of kitchens with white cabinets and consider different styles and finishes of cabinet hardware.

From sleek and modern to rustic and country - white kitchen cabinets have found a place in today's design theater so let's take a look at how to decorate those white kitchen cabinets with our quality, affordable and stylish cabinet hardwaresuggestions.


 1. Satin Nickel (a.k.a. brushed nickel)

Why we love Satin Nickel on White Kitchen Cabinets:

Satin nickel or as it is sometimes called, brushed nickel cabinet hardware is one of our favs for its beauty and lasting power!

Timeless: The silvery satin nickel color is a timeless cabinet hardware finish that perfectly blends into any design.

Versatile: The universal popularity of satin nickel handles on white cabinets transcends the design esthetic. This is really just a fancy way of saying the satin nickel pulls go with anything!

Current: Think of satin nickel handles as the little black dress of cabinet hardware - it's timeless, classic, and always relevant.

And if you are wondering if satin nickel is going out of style? Just like that little black dress - it's not, and it won't and here's why

Example Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brushed Satin Nickel Cabinet Hardware:

See? This kitchen is a great example of how satin nickel cabinet hardware can fit into any design. This kitchen has modern industrial elements blended with traditional white cabinetry and a farmhouse apron sink; the satin nickel cup pulls and handles are the perfect finish to bring cohesion to the design.


Does satin nickel hardware look good on white kitchen cabinets?

2. Brushed brass

Why we love Brushed Brass on White Kitchen Cabinets:

Gorgeous: Brushed brass is one of the most popular finishes in the design arena today and there is a reason for that - um, it's gorgeous!!

Luxury: The luxurious finish of brushed brass is especially pretty on white kitchen cabinets.The golden tones of the hardware really blend beautifully to white cabinets.

Complimentary: The brushed brass pulls offer a sophisticated, elevated look to your cabinets, but they are also very complimentary. White and brass gold tones is such a pretty combination when paired together.

Example Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brushed Brass Cabinet Hardware:

This transitional kitchen features white cabinets with brushed brass bar pulls on the drawers and doors with simple brushed brass knobs on the storage doors. The brass and white are a perfect color combination and give the kitchen's overall aesthetics a classically beautiful finish. Using wood chairs and suede bar stools pull the brassy tones all together. Love!

Large kitchen with white cabinets and brushed gold brass cabinet handles on white ktichen cabinets

3. Black

Why we love Black Cabinet Hardware on White Kitchen Cabinets:

Perfect coordination: Mixing black and white in design is nothing new, and that's because the two colors go great together!  Black pulls on white kitchen cabinets pop and becomes the star of the show.

Versatile: Black cabinet hardware is great on white kitchen cabinets whether your style is modern to traditional, there is a place for black and white.

Classic: We love the look of black cup pulls on kitchen drawers for a clean classic chic look.

Example Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brushed Brass Cabinet Hardware:

This kitchen is a great example of how black handles on white kitchen cabinets is an excellent combination. The contemporary black square bar handles are simply gorgeous on these white kitchen cabinets and heighten the design sophistication of the kitchen. Plus, black and white both go with everything...so there is that!


Black modern pulls on a white kitchen cabinet


Cosmas 14777-320FB Flat Black Modern Contemporary Cabinet Pull

4. Chrome

Design Friendly: Polished chrome is an old standard in the cabinet hardware finish. It is used so often due to its versatility in any design style and with any color.

Coordinates: Chrome is just that kind of finish that can plop itself anywhere and look like it belongs - and for that, we love it! It goes with white so well, that you often see it used by designers and builders alike.

Bright: When it comes to cabinet hardware, well, we love chrome's cheery finish on white kitchen cabinets.The bright reflective finish of chrome perfectly compliments white kitchen cabinets.

Example Kitchen with White Cabinets and Polished Chrome Cabinet Hardware:

Modern country is a popular design style right now. It blends cozy kitchens with old-fashioned charm, but uses clean contemporary hues and lines. This modern twist on your great aunt Edna's farmhouse kitchen will often feature such things as apron sinks and gooseneck faucets all the while adding contemporary features like waterfall granite countertops and raised panel cabinets. This kitchen pictured below is a perfect example of how to style a modern country kitchen. The bright polished chrome pulls really marry the old with this new and is a gorgeous contemporary take on a farmhouse kitchen.


White kitchen with Chrome bar pulls


5. Other silvers

Why we love Other silvers on White Kitchen Cabinets:

Okay, okay, you might think we are cheating by adding this color category to our top finishes of cabinet hardware, but we have a reason - they are a fabulous! So, what do we mean by "other silver" - well, all the other silver-tones that aren't chrome or satin brushed nickel. For example, the silvery tones of antique silver or weathered nickel may not be as mainstream as satin nickel, but they look fabulous when paired with white.


Warm: We love these more deep, richer tones of weathered nickel on white cabinet doors or the warmth of antique silver on white drawers.


Inviting: The more muted metals of nickel and antique silver tend to be more muted and therefore more inviting. The weathered nickel or silver hardware may contrast on a white kitchen cabinet, but in a really delightful way.


Lush: The depth of the hues of these "other" silver pulls and handles give  some layered, interesting tones. The result? A rich, almost romantic, feeling when paired with white cabinets.



Example Kitchen with White Cabinets and Silver Cabinet Hardware:

This beautiful kitchen features white cabinets with antique silver cup pulls on the drawers and knobs on the cabinet doors. This kitchen has a few traditional features with some added modern eclectic twists. We love how they used the modern green backsplash with the more traditional antique silver cup handles and knobs. If you aren't sure whether you should have knobs or pulls on your cabinets you can check out our article about how to decide kitchen cabinet hardware placement.


white cabinets in a kitchen with antique silver cup pulls 783AS Cosmas


Cosmas 4310WN Weathered Nickel Cabinet Cup Pull


6. Antique Brass


Why we love Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware on White Kitchen Cabinets:


WarmthThe pretty hues of the antique brass is just such a wonderfully warm and inviting finish. The finish replicates the gorgeous aging of brass, with its wonderful hues of green, browns and yellows. 


Balanced: We think that the finish looks perfect on white cabinets because of the pretty balances between the gold/green hues and the white. We just love the rich tones of the antique brass pulls and when paired with off white cabinets or stark white cabinets, the antique brass handles strike such a stunning look! 


Timeless: We think that antique brass handles on white cabinets elevate the design. Antique pulls in any finish, is a great way of making old new again. The  antique brass cabinet handles and knobs have a delightful, timeless way about them.


Example Kitchen with White Antique Brass Cabinet Hardware:

This gem of a kitchen features brushed antique brass cabinet pulls on white kitchen cabinets with lots of wood and earthy accents. The apron sink and the old fashioned gooseneck scream country chic, while the subway tile and open shelving give it a modern feel. The antique brass hardware is the perfect finish to pull the look together.



Antique brass knobs on white kitchen cabinets.



7. Gold - Brushed Gold and Gold Champagne


Why we love Gold Cabinet Hardware on White Kitchen Cabinets:

Exquisite: If we had to describe the look of gold cabinet hardware on white kitchen cabinets in just one word we would say - exquisite!  Whether it is gold champagne or brushed gold, we think that gold color cabinet hardware are wildly popular in today's kitchen design for that very reason. They are just divine!


Unoffensive: Okay, we know that is a strange word to use about a product we sell. But, the brushed gold is just that, a sophisticated, yet, unoffensive finish. Sometimes lumped in with the brushed brass finishes, it is important to note that gold cabinet hardware is uniquely its own. For a quick comparison of gold and brass finishes check out our recent article, where we compare the two tones. Spoiler alert, the brushed gold hardware that we sell is a more pale, less brassy look than brass hardware. Oh,  and it is really gorgeous.


Appealing: This goes along with unoffensive. The finish of the brushed gold is just so pretty. It has such a lovely, attractive finish and looks absolutely perfect on white cabinets. 


Example Kitchen with Gold Cabinet Hardware:

This modern kitchen features white cabinets and black and stainless steel appliances. The designer has mixed metals and added gold champagne cabinet pulls and a gold faucet. The layering of these neutral colors makes for a beautifully crisp contemporary style that is also inviting. Don't you just want to brew a pot of tea and relax in this stunner of a kitchen?



White kitchen with Gold bar pulls on the white kitchen cabinets




Wrap UP of White Kitchen Cabinets and The most popular hardware finishes

There you have the most popular cabinet hardware finishes for white kitchen cabinets. So, if you have been wondering what cabinet hardware finish will look best on what kitchen cabinets, we hope we have given you some ideas. For more inspirational ideas, be sure to check out some of our other articles:


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