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November 20, 2021 11 min read




Cabinet hardware is often the very last thing to select during a remodeling or new construction project.  Although that may seem like a pretty simple task to check off your renovation to-do list - choosing your cabinet hardware can be anything but easy.

Did you know that there are just so many questions that have to be answered before you pick out your perfect cabinet hardware?

Yup, first you have to decide of if you want a cabinet pull (handle) or if you want a knob and how to decide which piece of hardware will go where. Do you use all pulls or all cabinet knobs? That is the design part of it. And then, you will have to determine how you want to mount your pulls - vertically or horizontally. Then comes the measuring, you will have to know what size pull to use best on cabinet drawers and what size pulls look best on cabinet doors.

All that and we haven't it got to the finish!! Yup, you still have to decide what color cabinet hardware will look best on your project.

So, if you feel a bit overwhelmed about cabinet hardware style, placement and then find yourself asking: How do I find the perfect color of cabinet hardware for my project?We got you covered! 

We have put together a four-part series that takes a deep dive into the different CABINET HARDWARE FINISHES. In these articles, we are exploring some common questions about kitchen cabinet hardware colors such as:

  • What is the most popular cabinet hardware finish?

  • Does my cabinet hardware finish have to match my faucet and fixtures finishes?

  • If I have dark cabinets, what color should my pulls be?

  • What cabinet hardware finish looks best on wood cabinets?

To answer those sorts of questions and more; we are considering such things as popularity, style, cabinet finish trends, and some particular pairings for cabinet hardware in the kitchen.

We have broken down some of our more popular finishes into four different groups based on color characteristics;


In part one, we looked at four of our most popular cabinet hardware in the earth tones and talked about antique copper, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, and antique brushed brass. In the second part of the series, we will look at the cabinet hardware from the silver family. 

So, welcome to part two of our series, and let's get started with our four most popular cabinet hardware finishes in silver tones.



Silver squares of different shades

Silver + Nickel + Gray


First, what are the silver tones?

Well, the name says it all, doesn't it. Silver tones are derived from metal, and that metal would be, well, you guessed it - silver. Silver tones such as polished chrome and satin nickel are often used in interior design because they stand the test of time. Designers and homeowners alike find that the silver cabinet hardware family has remained popular and coordinates with many different styles, colors, and finishes.

So what are the four most popular finishes of silver hardware? Well, let's bite this silver bullet and find out!




Our antique silver cabinet hardware collection boasts many intricate decorative pieces with ornamented styles. These pieces simulate hand-forged silver of years gone by and are often the go-to for furniture rehab junkies.

A little about the antique silver finish...

As you probably know, real silver becomes oxidized or tarnished over time, making the silver base streak with black or smokey grey tones. Our antique silver cabinet hardware is manufactured to mimic that aging of silver. So the hardware has that authentic aged look with a rich, darker, low reflective silvery finish and black patina hues.

What antique silver goes with...

  • Wood, wood, wood...and one more time for the folks in the back - wood cabinets! Yup, we love these antique silver cabinet pulls set against deep-toned wooden cabinets such as walnut, mahogany, espresso, and red oak. And oh yeah, they are just as stunning on those lighter wooden cabinets like pine or spruce or oak. 
  • Jewel tones strike a stunning contrast when paired with antique silver. Think rich deep sumptuous colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, or ruby red.
  • Rehabbed furniture - mainly painted furniture. Creative DIY'ers pair modern colors like dusty coral or slate blue with the intricately designed antique silver knobs and viola! - the old meets the new! It is such a pretty and compelling contrast.
  • Oooh, the antique silver cup pulls look incredibly gorgeous with stark white or creamy white cabinets. The neutrality of the white brings out the silvery undertones of the hardware. 
  • And if you want to emphasize the black undertones of the antique silver pulls, then try going for a more monochromatic design and pair the hardware with slate, black, or charcoal cabinets or furniture - oh the drama!

    Antique silver in the kitchen...

      • Fixtures: Remember that old design rule - never to mix silver and gold? Well, to steal a word from the old TV show The Honeymooners - fuggedaboutit! We think that antique silver cabinet hardware looks absolutely fabulous when paired with golden-toned fixtures like brushed gold light pendants and brushed brass faucets.
      • Appliances: If you are wondering if you can mix the darker tones of antique silver with stainless steel appliances - the answer is a resounding yes! So many kitchen appliances, white and cream-colored especially, have silver and dark trim. The antique silver and all of the silver tones coordinate perfectly with these pretty kitchen helpers. 
      Country kitchen with white cabinets, blue countertop and antique silver cup pulls. The Modern white range has a copper hood vent.
      Think of the meals you could create in this gorgeous modern country kitchen! Look at how the antique silver cup pulls flawlessly complement the neutral pallet

        Antique silver and its style...

          • Shabby chic lovers unite! We know how you love the beige canvass with splashes of antique vintage and worn pieces, so that is why the antique silver cabinet pulls fit perfectly into this aesthetic!
          • We are seeing the antique silver pulls in the "new-old" design trend. More modern and less reliant on the distressed or clutter look of shabby chic, the "new-old" balances contemporary styles with a smattering of aged pieces.
          • Don't count out the more simple style of the antique silver hardware for casual, trendy, less fussy home styles such as country cottage and modern farmhouse.
          Bathroom vanity with antique silver knobs
          The bathroom vanity features a pretty rustic wood finish and antique silver knobs.


          SATIN NICKEL


          Hands down, one of the most classic finishes for cabinet hardware has to be satin nickel. Sometimes referred to as "brushed nickel" by different manufacturers, the two finishes are essentially the same. To avoid unnecessary complications, we have opted to categorize both finishes into one category - satin nickel. Just think of the two finishes as being interchangeable.

          A little about the satin nickel finish...

          Compared to similar silvery finishes such as stainless steel and chrome, the satin nickel cabinet hardware has a warmer finish with soft undertones and a non-reflective surface. The warm grey color has a slight gold undertone that is not quite discernible but contributes to the low luster and non-reflective qualities.

          What satin nickel goes with...

          • From the rich dark espresso colors to the bright oaks, wood cabinets are a lovely complement to satin nickel cabinet hardware. The muted tones of the hardware just seem to blend to any color of the wood.
          • The satin nickel hardware on painted surfaces, like cabinets or furniture, goes excellent with calming colors like moss green, English violet, burnt mustard, or a wedge wood blue. These relaxing tones blend perfectly with the warmer hues of the satin nickel hardware.
          • For a softer look, the satin nickel hardware goes really nicely with creamy-based colors like wheat or dusty rose - especially in the bathroom on vanities or in a baby nursery.
          • Of course, we don't want to forget about the neutrals! Pairing the satin nickel cabinet hardware with neutral coloredsurfaces is just perfection! Think creamy white, almond beige, charcoal gray, deep black, or any other neutral, and you have got yourself a stunning look!
          Dark vanity with satin nickel pulls, a white counter and a white marble floor.
            Dark painted surfaces and satin nickel look stunning!

          Satin nickel in the kitchen...

          • Fixtures: Kitchen faucets and lights always seem to be offered in the satin nickel finish, so it is easy to match faucets and lights to your cabinet hardware. If you are looking for a beautiful, cohesive design, we love the mixed metal look. When done with intention, the look is stunning. To mix metals in the kitchen, use the satin nickel hardware as a base and choose one or two other metals (bronze, brass, black) for faucets and fixtures.
          • Appliances: Residential stainless steel appliances have matured over the years and become less commercially silver and more muted with deeper tones. We find that these new appliances pair perfectly with satin nickel hardware. The neutrality of the satin nickel hardware also pairs with pretty much every other appliance color from white to black and everything in between.

          Satin Nickel and its style...

          • Satin nickel has endured and even triumphed through an endless line of design trends and always seems to find its place and remain relevant.
          • Traditional or transitional home settings will often feature the satin nickel finish as a centerpiece for kitchens and bathrooms. We see  satin nickel as the go-to choice for pretty much any style. 
          • Modern design styles, and some more trendy styles like Craftsman, Art &  Crafts, country-chic or farmhouse, all look great with satin nickel handles.
          Kitchen, white cabinets with brown hardward floors and Diversa Satin Nickel cabinet pulls
          This partial galley kitchen makes great use of space and colors. The neutral tones look perfect with satin nickel pulls and rich hardwood floors.



          Cosmas 4298WN Weathered Nickel Floral Cabinet Pull intricate designed craftsman style cabinet pulls

          A popular finish, weathered nickel cabinet hardwarehas undoubtedly maintained its relevance in the design theater. Like the once-popular pewter finish, the weathered nickel is a warm, welcoming, and natural finish.

          About the weathered nickel finish...

          Cabinet hardware in the weathered nickel finish has a silvery base highlighted with darker grey/blackish accents. The finish has a muted tone that mimics the aging of nickel and lies somewhere between the colors of antique silver and satin nickel. It is not as dark as antique silver but not as clear and silvery as satin nickel. The weathered nickel finish falls somewhere in the middle with its own unique and impressive finish.

          What weathered nickel goes with...

          • Overall, weathered nickel has a warm gray shade, so it is neutral from a color wheel standpoint.To create a serene look, pairing with other neutrals like taupe, soft gray, and beige is pure elegance.
          • Of course, white and weathered nickel together is an excellent combination of neutral and gray tones. Kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities that are white or off-white really compliment this gray-colored hardware.
          • We also love the weathered nickel cabinet pullson more brilliant, crisp finishes like turquoise, cherry, violet, or aqua. This stunning color combination creates a divine contrast!
          • Of course, wood cabinets are popular in kitchens, and weathered nickel cabinet hardware looks best on darker wood cabinets. The weathered nickel finish can be too contrasting for lighter woods like pine and oak, leaving the cabinets looking dated.
          • The black patinas of the weathered nickel finish make it a great partner for dark surfaces like ebony, slate gray, or charcoal. Rich brown cabinet tones like espresso and chestnut also look really great with the weathered nickel cabinet pulls.

          Weathered Nickel in the kitchen....

          • Fixtures: Weathered nickel cabinet hardware is a muted silver finish and is actually considered a warm-cool metal - meaning it can be considered both a warm tone and a cool tone. Therefore, mixing the weathered finish with metals from either the warm and cool shades works perfectly well. Faucets in the deep tones like bronze and copper pair just as nicely as lighter finishes like chrome or brushed nickel.

          • Appliances:  Therecent popularity of retro appliances from toasters torefrigerators has brought some fantastic new appliance colors to themarket. Creamy taupe, mint green, ruby red, vibrant yellow, or evenbright orange fridges, ranges, and ovens have popped up in kitchens. Ourvintage-inspired weathered nickel hardware is a perfect complement tothese old-new appliances. Of course, the finish also pairs withtraditional colors like stainless steel, black, and white.
          Weathered nickel cabinet pulls with an old fashioned fridge in a country cottage kitchen. Taupe floors, white cabinets and neutral accents of wood and clayware.
           A dreamy country kitchen features a modern apron sink and retro cabinet hardware to match the cream colored vintage refrigerator.

          Weathered nickel and its style...

          • Often found in baroque or craftsman style homes, knobs and pulls with a weathered nickel finish are popping up in an array of interior design styles.
          • We love the look in a more modern transitional kitchen or a modern farmhouse bathroom.
          • The silvery tones and relaxed styles of some of the weathered nickel knobs and pulls make it an excellent finish for cottage-chic, shabby chic, and California casual. It really depends on the style of the pull that you choose and your overall design esthetic.
          Large modern country kitchen with warm hardwood floors and white cabinets. The kitchen cabinets have weathered nickel hardware and black appliances.
          This kitchen is all about celebrating the neutral tones, and we love it! Weathered nickel hardware looks right at home on these beige shakers.

          Polished Chrome

          Polished chrome color swatchPolished chrome cup pull

          Polished chrome has been around for a long time and has sustained its popularity over the years. You will find builders commonly turn to polished chrome cabinet hardware in model or stock homes, as the finish is unobjectionable to potential buyers. Its neutrality lets it adapt to any home interior style. The finish itself is virtually impervious to wear or scratches.

          A little about the polished chrome finish...

          When it comes to cabinet hardware, the polished chrome finish is an easy one to spot. It has a clean, bright, vivid finish with a very slight blue-ish undertone. As its name explains, the finish is polished and therefore highly reflective with an almost mirror-like sheen.

          What polished chrome goes with...

          • Everything. And that is our final answer! For real,polished chrome cabinet hardware can pretty much go with any color or texture, depending on the design intent.
          • Wood cabinets are a standard in many kitchens and bathrooms, and the polished chrome hardware is a perfect enhancement. We find it almost impossible to even come up with a style or shade of wood cabinets that the polished chrome doesn't easily compliment. From deep cherry wood slab to rich espresso shakers to paneled honey maple cabinetry, polished chrome knobs and handles make a perfect partnership.
          • Crisp white vanities and stark white shaker cabinets seem to have been made for polished chrome cabinet hardware.  The shiny pulls and knobs make these kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities just twinkle!
          • Of course, the "everythingness" of chrome makes it versatile to complement almost every shade of color. Still, we particularly love it with charcoals and blue tones. The contrast of the dark and light is an exciting and compelling design choice.

          Polished chrome in the kitchen...

          • Fixtures:Polished chrome is reflective and bright, so it is such a great compliment to fixtures that have deeper color tones. Metals with rich dark colors like copper, black iron, slate gray, and burned bronze contrast for a stunning look. When using polished chrome cabinet hardware, try finding light fixtures with deep rich metal colors and splashes of chrome. This really pulls the eye into one cohesive balanced design.
          • Appliances:  Most of today's ranges, fridges, and ovens have some amount of silvery trim, and the polished chrome hardware can easily accent those details. For complete stainless steel appliances, don't worry about pairing polished chrome cabinet pulls; the monochromatic similarity of the finish complement one another.
          Chrome Pulls in white kitchen with staineless steel range, white counter tops, white cabinets, and some chrome accents.
          This charming farmhouse kitchen blends chrome handles and stainless steel appliances - the result? Gorgeous!

           Polished chrome and its style...

          • Well, I bet you can guess what we will say about where polished chrome cabinet hardware fits in the design arena. Yup, everywhere! The well-established attraction to polished chrome hardware is primarily due to its universal adaptability. Which is a fancy way to say that it goes anywhere!
          • At the top of the list for modern decors, we see that the polished chrome hardware also shows up in pop-art-inspired designs, vintage-retro looks, and contemporary settings. 
          • The finish works in many places other than just modern-inspired decors, some of which might be surprising. Designers often choose polished chrome hardware as a touch of sophistication in more formal design theaters, such as Colonial, English country, and French Provincial.
          • Keeping with the "go anywhere" theme, this versatile finish of cabinet hardware also blends into less fussy styles, and well, everywhere else! Think of a design, and it goes; modern farmhouse, cozy cottage, shabby chic, mid-century modern, industrial, and on down the line.
          Sage green kitchen with chrome cabinet handles and tan lights and hardwood floors
          The transitional style kitchen pairs warm and cool colors with chrome cabinet hardware for a serene, welcoming vibe


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